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I already have nodeJS installed in my server. Still showing

Node.js not installed. Please download and install Node.js https://nodejs.org/en/download/

I have sprockets as well as webpacker. Sprocket assets are precompiled but, error during webpacker assets precompiling

Is there a way to achieve exporting the entire active records in a rails application to csv where each relation is a sheet of csv or there is another way to export full db data.Any suggestions?

I have two rails application "base1" and "base2". base1 uses db1 and have multiple tenants inside this database. "base1" is multitenant application using apartment gem. "base2" is single tenant application and has database "db2" and also uses data from "db1". "base2" appplication established connection to db1 and i can get the data db1 data in public tenant in base 2 application.Now my doubt is: How to get data in another tenant schema inside db1 in base 2 application?

Posted in taking values from associated values

t1->t2->t3 . taking values of t3 in t1