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Carlos, yes that's exactly my problem, so at least I'm not alone. So that's something

At 1:46 of the video you have a screen full of issues, as while I followed the directions it says there is an undefined method 'published?' for nil:NilClass"

I backed out sidekiq and tried to run on the activejobs and it worked fine, so it seems to be something with SideKiq which also claims some sort of issue with a gem called racc which i did install (didn't have it) and still claims an issue with older version even though I'm running newer version

Anyone run into the same issue?

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Guess I spoke before going through all the lessons, thanks

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I just ran into this as well, twitter apps are new to me, though I have plans to use them.

Oddity I'm running in to, but can't see why. Once the delete button is added via .persist?, the schedule button ALSO seems to delete the tweet as well (without any warning). If the persisted? is removed the update works as it should, but the persist block readded deletes the tweet instead of updating it?

Thank you all that was it. I guess the question is how to do it permanently? Each time I have to start the editor

When I try to do rails credentials:edit I get the following error

No $EDITOR to open file in. Assign one like this:

EDITOR="mate --wait" bin/rails credentials:edit

I did copy and paste what it said to do but it still didn't work

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I've been out of the rails game for a bit too long it seems. I tried to do a basic set up today to get pack into practice, using RSpec and Capybara, but just rails new -T and installing the gems created some sort of conflicts with Capybara. I've done way too much web searching to find a solution and haven't come up with one. the webpacker manifest is 'empty' on the testing but since I'm not much for JS I feel like there's just a whole lot of new learning i have to go through now? Any hints, suggestions, videos would be appreciated.