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Posted in How to use Partials in Rails Discussion

The closing quotation mark is missing, and the backticks are misleading. (I'm guessing they were added for formatting markdown, but due to some change in the blog they are now appearing as visible text.)

Posted in Building has_one from has_many Associations Discussion

yeah, I wondered why he didn't just put billing and shipping in the scopes... glad to know that the scopes work normally from this context

Posted in What is Hotwire Strada?

From what I've read in other places—and I can't vouch for those sources—it is supposed to be something that replaces HTML fragments (shipped to the app with Turbo) with native controls. If I understood them correctly, this happens dynamically in the app, although I can imagine there being some compilation step involved too. That's my understanding based on unofficial sources, which might be wrong.

The official source currently only says it "standardizes the way that web and native parts of a mobile hybrid application talk to each other via HTML bridge attributes. This makes it easy to progressively level-up web interactions with native replacements." Interpret that as you will.

The official source also promises "Strada will premiere in 2022". I'm guessing that we'll see something around Christmas, along with Ruby 3.2.

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