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Posted in Making a gem like thoughtbot's refills gem


I've given myself some motivation to get this going by entering it into this year's Octobuild ( (

So far it sort of works, though I've still got a few weeks to iron out the kinks.

Posted in Making a gem like thoughtbot's refills gem


I saw on HN the other day that USDS has released a styleguide/component system based off of Bourbon. I'd like to toy around with making a gem based off of the Refills gem that allows me to list out components and then "import" them (sticking their styles, erb templates, and js into a directory in app/assets).

Initially I was just going to fork the Refills gem and swap out the assets it generates, but I'm still relatively new to Rails, and I can't see the forest for the trees there. I know logically what it's doing, but everything seems very well connected to how they have things organized.

Would it be worth while to migrate the USDS assets to a "form-factor" that agrees with the Refills gem layout, or to try and roll my own using the USDS "form-factor".

Ideally, I'd like to just be able to type "rails generate wds:list" and then rails generate wds:import SNIPPET" like I can do with Refills.

I hope that makes sense.