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Posted in How to use Mission Control Jobs in Rails Discussion

Puma is the preferred server (with NGINX?) for Rail in production. All of the guides show installing Passenger/NGINX

Posted in Can a Rails app send messages through Signal Messenger?

One problem as I understand it is signal needs a phone number. It uses this for it's encryption protocol somehow, or so I've read.

I use the signal windows desktop app alot. My ROR app server is an Ubuntu server environment. Curious if Signal could be installed on ubuntu, linked to my current number and used via the command line.

Recent research shows signal-cli to be promising, but is resource intensive.

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to have a Rails application send messages to user via Signal messenger (as opposed to an email or SMS).

Has anyone tried to do this?

I'm building my own soft deletable module, but I would like to set the current_user.id in a deleted_by column, to know which user deleted it. It is bad practice to set the user as a global variable available to the model layer due to thread safety...see thread_mattr_accessor and thread_cattr_accessor and a nice article by BigBinary. I will simply implement a destroy(user_id=0) method. If the user_id is passed through from the controller, it will be saved...otherwise the deleter will be 0 and therefore unknown.