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Yep! It made more sense in head after reading your posts. Also in terms roles, when would be a good scenario to use roles?

This makes total sense now. I was overthinking this scenario. Thanks Chris.

Hi Chris,

So lets say I have a User. They can be a Consumer and/or Seller. In this case I would use roles to define what they can be.

In terms of the profile, would I create 2 different profile models? and associate it with the user? And then use the role attribute to determine the pages they can view?

Hi all,

I am planning to create an application that will have several types of users with a couple shared fields and many unrelated fields. What would be my best option?

After doing some research, it seems the most common way is to use Devise + Rolify + CanCanCan/Pundit.

My question is, for each type of user, do I just create different profile models? Or would it better to create a polymorphic association for different profile models?