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At 1.16 you show the TURBO_STREAM format, mine are showing as HTML format but I have other hotwire features like the toasts, dynamic select fields and inline editing working, so hotwire must be installed? I'm using Rails 7, is there a different process I have to do to get it to always submit pages in the turbo_stream format?

^ Second this, trying to display a toast notification after calling a create/destroy action which redirects to the index page, if anyone has a way of doing this please share, thanks

Hey Chris, thanks for the tutorial! One thing I'd like to know, is there a way to do this and display the full name of the country rather than the country code? Would I need to use a hidden field and submit the full name independently? Thanks, Owen.

Posted in How do I use Rails.ajax() method

My web console is giving an error message that "Rails.ajax is not a function". I'm following the tutorial on Drag and Drop Sortable lists at https://gorails.com/episodes/rails-drag-and-drop-sortable. Where is the definition for this method and how do I solve this problem? Thanks.