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Posted in How To Update ActionText Attachments Discussion

Maybe would be even more generic with GlobalID::Locator.locate_signed(node.attributes['sgid'].value)

Thank you Chris, really nice :)

Posted in Rails Fragment Caching with Permissions Discussion

Amazing. Thank you for the video. I think the roles would be a really good idea!

Posted in Video idea: Dry Monad

Hi Chris,

Would be nice to watch a video about dry monads.

Lately been using a lot of dry-initializer combined with dry-types, I think you could make series of dry-rb gems.
But I have not yet started using monads, still have not put enough effort into it - its so much easier with videos and real life examples - so I will keep waiting for it.

Thank you for all your work.

Posted in Very strange Rails app behaviour

I struggle to understand the real problem. but if login/logout doesnt work, either is the routes file or the rails ujs, in order to send a HTTP DELETE request, by clicking in a link, rails UJS needs to be running.

Posted in Video idea: Google insights

Hi Chris,

Would be nice to see a video about optimizations for rails for better score in google's page speed test.