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Posted in ActionCable in JumpStart project


Is there anything special I need to consider when using ActionCable in a project created with the JumpStart template?

I've followed several tutorials (e.g. "Action Cable ‘Hello World’ with Rails 5.1") about ActionCable, which work fine by themselves, but I can't transfer that learned knowledge in my JumpStart based project.

I'm mostly confused about the extra javascript folder in the /app folder (vs. /app/assets). None of my coffee scripts in /app/assets/javascript/channelscreated by the rails generator get initialized. Also I don't see the /cable route getting started.

It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction or give me the most simple example of how to work with ActionCable in a JumpStart based project as I assume this can't be very hard.

Thanks in advance,