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Posted in Random Ruby — (Bi-)Weekly Email Newsletter

Hello there, good people!

My name is Eugene and I'm the guy behind Random Ruby newsletter. It's a free bi-weekly-ish email newsletter I've been making in 2016-2017 and after several years in hiatus, I decided it is time to continue this journey.

Basically, it's a digest of events, news, articles, and tools I found through my work week. I compile the most interesting materials into an email issue and send it right into your mailboxes (almost) every Tuesday.

I'll be happy if you will find it interesting or even subscribe-worthy :)


Posted in Using Vagrant for Rails Development Discussion

I failed at step first: setup vagrant plugins. Here is an error i get:

Thanks for wanting to use Vagrant! Unfortunately, this is not the way
to install Vagrant anymore. We now make installers for the various operating
systems Vagrant supports.
Vagrant is no longer distributed as a RubyGem. Please download the latest
version for your operating system from the URL below. If you still wish
to use the RubyGem version, you can manually install version 1.0.7. Note that
the RubyGem version hasn't been updated in over a year and will no longer
receive any updates.

Prior to installing Vagrant using the installer, make sure you uninstall
all your Vagrant gems, since they sometimes conflict.
If you want to learn more about why we don't distribute using RubyGems
anymore, please read this:

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