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FYI in the after_sign_in_path_for(resource) method I had to change
to Devise's:

Posted in Wrong Ruby version with Postgres user

Chris - I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, thanks for your explanation - your information was very helpful, on to my next deployment!

Posted in Wrong Ruby version with Postgres user

Ok that makes more sense - I ended up reinstalling postgres and starting over for that section. However I'm still confused about where to store my production database information - I have manually configured my database information in myapp/shared/config/database.yml with the password hardcoded. I also have it hardcoded in my git repo which I obviously want to remove - do I need my database.yml in my repo at all? If so - why did I have to create one on the server as well?

I don't quite understand how the secrets.yml file works (I'm used to Heroku's dashboard for env variables) Where are they stored? I'm not even sure I'm asking the right questions... either way, I'm up and running but it was a shaky process and I'd like to secure my password obviously.

Thanks Chris.

Posted in Wrong Ruby version with Postgres user

I'm having a difficult time understanding the postgres section. I've setup a postgres user but when I type "ruby -v" with that user I get 1.9.3, whereas with the deploy user I get 2.1.3 (the correct version). I've checked my passenger setup and it seems to be identical to the one in the video (Using rbenv).

I'm hoping this is the issue that is preventing me from connecting postgres to the server because I've been unable to do so.