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Posted in Looking for VERY Basic Rails EXPLANATION videos

Greetings everyone. After doing some searching I’ve been able to find resources related to rails project tutorials, rails related books, and rails learning videos. Many great resources, but I’m looking for something VERY basic.

Anyone know of any videos, books, blogs articles that breaks down the different functional areas of the rails framework, and maybe mentions how those things are typically used.

For instance active storage is.... it allows the developer to store data easily, active storage is used in rails application whenever one wants to store or retrieve information from the database (Please note, I am not sure this is accura te. This “example” is to demonstrate the type of explanations that I am interested in).

Just curious. I know a little ruby, know a little rails, and would like to take that learning further, but I am stuck on the basics and understanding the “need” and/or implementation of certain things.