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Posted in Rails 7.1 Authentication From Scratch Discussion

Do you still recommend Devise for production? Or are there any other gems you recommend like authentication-zero (which is a different approach to having a library)?

Posted in How can i install Daisy UI?

I want to be able to use Daisy UI, but i am reading different ways to accomplish this – making me confused on how to actually install node packages.

  1. One way is setting up the CDN, which is not the best way – its not even an option due to the file size for production. 2.Another way is using npm i -D daisyui and then adding to tailwind.config.js:

plugins: [require("daisyui")],

but i have a feeling npm is being discouraged as I keep reading of people saying "with importmaps you no longer have to use npm"

  1. Using importmaps? Which i don’t really know how to use it. Would this be the same as using the CDN, but adding it to the importmaps file? But somehow installing it with importmaps doesn't seem to make the package work as it says its not found in tailwind config file

  2. Final question: How can i tell when is better to just install packages using npm or to include them in the importmaps file?

Posted in Hashes in Ruby Discussion

I am coming from javascript and most of the concepts are similar but you do an amazing job explaining everything. Good job!

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