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Hello Amanda,

We have the same question - did you figure this out?



I am building an ecommerce rails app using solidus... I am looking to get the products to zoom on hover on desktop and mobile. Fairly new to coding (esp JS) so would be great to have a proper up-to-date walk through for any plug in or gem recommended. Cheers!

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hey guys i changed the before create to before validate and it works but think maybe the code will not generate a unique one every time and retry until it does?

Could someone explain the step by step on how it validates the codes uniqueness?


Got this to work by putting it above the JS pack tag in the head and wrapping the if statement around the require("channels"); in our appication.js ...

Is this method supposed to work with the new way of handling JS in Rails through Webpacker?

Can't get it to work I am assuming because the files no longer have view of the metatag on the page and so the if statement always returns false...