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No worries at all. I happen to be the maintainer for the gem but for this app I don't want or need to perform any operations directly on thermostats. Thanks for the pointer.

Hi Chris, I looked into VCR and tried it out. It's great for being able to utilize gems / classes that send HTTP requests. I ended up not using this in my test suite as I'm hitting thermostats and know the gem that hits them works so I decided to mockup the API writing a simple class that implemented the methods of the API. Not a lot of work and I definitely see the value of using VCR but for this particular application it wasn't the right thing. It will definitely be in my bag of test tricks however for some other projects where I'm hitting some external APIs.

Thanks, I'll check this out when I get time over the weekend and post back on how it worked out.

I have not looked at this but will check it out. Honestly just looking to create a dummy instance with responses in getters

Thank you


My app uses a gem that goes out to network devices. I want to write some specs that test my classes without going out to the network devices via the gem. I want to use test_double or something equivalent in my specs so that I can test independent of the gem.

Any pointers to tutorials, info, or examples would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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