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Solved my friend... They (Cloud Service) kept the port 80 closed! Figuring out if that is a tipical case or a exception... :-P

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@excid3:disqus I've been deploying on Digital Ocean and works so fine! But Now i had to deploy in other cloud... everything goes ok... but, when i access from browser with ip... i got nothing!

passenger-status: "Phusion Passenger is currently not serving any applications."
nginx status: "nginx is running"

On nginx.conf there is that line: include /etc/nginx/passenger.conf;
And inside de passenger.conf i put:

passenger_root /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/phusion_passenger/locations.ini;
passenger_ruby /home/deployer/.rbenv/shims/ruby;

in my case, of course... Any ideas?

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Hi... Nice screencast! I'm getting a "no find image error" after deploy, using Capistrano... Seems like the app can't find the image after assets precompile... should i set up a directory for shared_children, or something like that? Thanks.