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Posted in Old Rails 2 Delayed_Job User_Mailer Question

So I'm having an interesting issue. I'm trying to get this gem delayed_job to send an invitation email to sign up to an email address. The process seems to be working, and it is telling me that the email has been sent, however.. I receive no email,


This is a link to the related files that interact with each other as well as some command line stuff to show ho the delayed job is processing, and lying to me.

I need help figuring out why the email isn't actually sending. If you have any questions to help clarify the information I have given, please ask so I can help you help me.

Posted in [GET] Errors and Locales?

So I'm dealing with an interesting but probably simple issue. Working on some Rails 2 stuff that was written by someone who has long been out of reach so I've been dusting it off on my own.

Someone who reviewed this said that since I use I18n and scope everything behind a locale that the routes are having trouble extracting the information needed which is to display a simple form in a modal. I'm not sure how to fix that because it's my first time dealing with internationalization. But I noticed that all the routes that have to do with this app are wrapped inside a code block:

scope "(:locale)", :locale => /en|pt/ do

Here's a GIST of the relevant pieces to this puzzle:

Posted in Multiple Users with Devise

Hello! I'm new here. I'm currently working on an app and I'm trying to wrap my mind around how I want to handle authentication using Devise. I've read the past threads that were similar to my situation but I figured I'd ask anyways since I'm still a bit confused.

The overall purpose of the app is for two different types of users (ex. student or teacher) to communicate with each other through messaging (granted that they have both added each other to their networks).

My goal:

I would like to have someone sign up, decide what type of user they are (ex. student or teacher), and depending on which one they choose they would have to fill out specific profile information relevant to that type of user via a redirect once the user has been created. Students and teachers have different types of profiles they need to fill out.

I would like to have people sign in using one form if possible, and have the form know which type of user just logged in and redirect them to the dashboard view associated with that type of user.

For the sake of the user example, student and teachers have different pages they can access that are unique to their user.

If there are any questions about what I'm trying to do here, feel free to ask and I'll clarify.

Thank you!