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Thanks for the video - by following the example I ran in a problem with the form replacement. This only works once. I cloned this repo and the same problem occurs. After submitting the second Tweet the submit button greys out and becomes disabled.
Anybody with the same experience and a solution?

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What's best used for displaying a DataGrid and a Form with Filter Fields/Dropdowns etc. ?

Best Regards - stay healthy!

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Hi all,
I encounter a strange problem in my Rails 5 project. Suddenly all JS-Files are concatinated (but not minified) to one debug-application-xxxxx file.
Before when worling in development environment all js files were seperate files being loaded seperate. This is really mad when debugging JS Code
I tried the obvious config settings for the asset pipline but no luck so far. Any suggestions what else I can try?

Best Regards

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Yes - it mostly is just this line wich "formwards" the mail to your application.
I struggled most getting User/Permissions right so that the process which is running the mailserver can execute the bin/rails in the App Environment which will most likely be a different user.
Any guides/best practices appreciated...


First part of the video seems do be a bit outdated.
helped me getting a rails 5 project running with tailwind.

Even here it needed a change: in application.css change
@tailwind preflight
@tailwind base

then the webpack-dev server compiled successfully

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Sorry - I can't see how this should work. What I learned is, that gmail does not allow piping to a server, only forwarding to a different mail server. So for me it looks like it is not possible to use a gmail account for action mailbox. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I would really appreciate a setup tutorial for action mailbox without any commercial service provicder.

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