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Posted in Debugging Custom Webhooks in the Pay gem Discussion

That was really interesting: hearing the problem, following the debugging process, wading into Rails, etc.

I've read the Rails Guide on engines many times but never quite grasp it.; somehow it says a lot without telling me much.

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Thinking Sphinx is another great option.

Posted in How do I find a list of the lessons I've watched?

I'd like a list of the lessons I've watched because I often want to go back to a video to remind myself of something – but I first have to spend a while tracking the actual lesson down. Finding the lesson takes long enough that it knocks me out of my flow and I often get distracted by some other topic while hunting around for the one I want.

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Posted in About Importmap rails gem

It would be great to see how to switch from a webpacker-only (i.e. no sprockets / asset pipeline) setup.