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Posted in Would love to see a Apple + Omniauth video

Apple is blocking app updates since they are present among the omni-auth options

Posted in About Importmap rails gem


Nice One !
For lockbox users, you will need to change old method " encrypts :attribute_name" to new method "has_encrypted :attribute_name" and it will work well with Rails 7 (before migrating to rails encryption module).
Still have 1 question : how to extend string column size from 250 to 510 ?

Great Video. While implementing toast solution with Hotwire / rails 6.1, I am facing an issue.
after some create / destroy actions I am using redirect_to in my controller to go back on the index page.
So not using xxxxx.turbo_stream.erb template.
How can I append a toast in this situation ? (this scheme is working with notice:xxxx and standard notification process).