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Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 3 Discussion

Hi Chris, nice series. I almost done but I'm having an issue. Everything was working fine but after place all javascript code I'm not able to upload the image to AS3. I'm having this error: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)". I think could be something related with the url and the presing. I checked all the code and google about it, but I can't find a solution.

Here is my repo, I send it because this code is based on your first Shrine video (where you created a post with description and image):


Thanks in advance for any help @Chris Oliver

I'm creating an app for my company. In that application there are a lot of addresses because for Owner, Store, Landlord, etc needs to have address.

At first I was thinking to create separate models like you can see in the image. In the front-end I was thinking to show to the user dropdowns with "Country", "State/Province", "City". Each of this will be filtered in order to show the corresponding info, for example if the user select "USA", the second dropdown wil show up just "USA States", after select "California", the next dropdown will show up the cities just for California.

But after check a couple of sites I noticed that all sites let the user type everything but the Country. So, I want to know what do you think about it?.

We are talking around 20 country right now, with all theris states/provinces and all the cities. So for me is important to keep in mind the databases queries and performance.

Other idea that I have is create a "main model" for addresses and in that model place all necessary field like state/province, city, zip, address_1, address_2, etc. So all the other model will be able to query that specific model.

Thanks in advance.


Good tutorial Chris. Will be nice if you can create a complete tutorial or tutorials using devise. In my particular case I'm looking for something like this:

Forgot Password
How to send and manage all these things (Of course I understand if you don't cover a front-end part)

I read materials like this: but still not clear and I think with you we can have even best practices.


Posted in JSON Web Tokens (JWT) vs Rails Session Cookies Discussion

Great material. Can't wait for the implementation using JWT.


Posted in JWT Authentication using Devise

I've been looking for a really god material about how to create Authentication using JWT and Devise, after that consume that with ReactJS (Mainly the rails part, but the react is a plus)

Some materials that I found are these:

But I think are not complete. In my app I will need to manage several users type, permissions, roles and I read about JWT like a great option for securiy reasons instead of normal token authentication.

Other point is that I don't want to modify (unless if is really necesary) the Devise source code.

Any suggestion, material is welcome.