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Christoper Drane's solution above is an awesome supplement to Chris' tutorial. I had the same issue - font awesome was not working until after the spinner was cached. I switched to a pure CSS solution per using relative positioning and on a div itself instead of the before pseudo element. Much faster, no hiccups, and works everywhere!

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Thanks, Chris. Strangely, Rails.ajax doesn't fire an ajax request for me even though $.ajax works fine. I'm using Rails 5.1.5 and I've confirmed the rails-ujs file is included. Good to know about the authenticity token being included in every request with Rails.ajax.

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A few pretty basic observations/questions:

(1) When I use: 
nothing hits the server after the drag/drop is complete. 

I changed to:
and that fixed the problem. Any ideas why the former did not work and the latter did?

(2) Instead of 
//= require jquery-ui/widget
//= require jquery-ui/sortable

I needed to use
//= require jquery-ui/widgets/sortable
to avoid an error message. I suspect this has something to do with either (a) a new version of jquery-ui or (b) my lack of understanding of the asset pipeline.

(3) My implementation required me to the skip authenticity token on the sort method with:
skip_before_action :verify_authenticity_token, only: [:sort]

How does the code in this tutorial work without skipping the authenticity token verification?

Thanks, as always, for such wonderful tutorials!

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+1 for a webcast on sending webhooks.