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I am trying to convert a regular coordinate system to a default android view

After understanding the android view coordinates came to know that the gesture value of the coordinate is (0,0) at the top left so is there any possible way to plot like a normal graph where the value must be between -1 to 1 like the graph with the center of the screen as (0,0).

This is the default android coordinates

I ran this command on ubuntu in which ColdFusion and OpenJDK to determine the min and max heap size , and how much heap size ColdFusion is using

jcmd 1982 GC.heap_info

but I am not able to understand the output (I need min max , actual utilization of heapsize so which value is actual value from this output)

PSYoungGen total 2568192K, used 1325485K [0x000000072ab00000, 0x00000007dfa00000, 0x0000000800000000) eden space 2495488K, 50% used [0x000000072ab00000,0x000000077726c520,0x00000007c3000000) from space 72704K, 99% used [0x00000007db300000,0x00000007df9ff180,0x00000007dfa00000) to space 98304K, 0% used [0x00000007d3a00000,0x00000007d3a00000,0x00000007d9a00000)

ParOldGen total 1199104K, used 920324K [0x0000000580000000, 0x00000005c9300000, 0x000000072ab00000)

object space 1199104K, 76% used [0x0000000580000000,0x00000005b82c1268,0x00000005c9300000)

Metaspace used 214363K, capacity 226304K, committed 226904K, reserved 1253376K

class space used 20832K, capacity 23361K, committed 23424K, reserved 1048576K

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