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Posted in Spree commerce vs custom solution from scratch

Thank you for the reply @damianlegawiec and all the work your team has put in. Glad to see more momentum behind the spree community and full Rails 5 support.

Posted in Spree commerce vs custom solution from scratch

Would appreciate any updates on this topic - Spree v. Solidus. I am looking at migrating a woocommerce app to rails, but the disarray in the Spree ecosystem has me concerned. Solidus is promicing but its newness is concerning and its installed base is tiny. I saw a lot of chatter in 2016 on this topic, but not much since then.

What is the best OSS ecommerce platform for Ruby/Rails in 2017?

I am using a similar set-up as gorails - devise for registration and stripe for subscriptions. I have separate plans for each currency were are going to market to (USD, CAD, GBP). But I want to offer up the subscription options to the user in their currency - what is the best way to do this short of asking them - what country do you live in? I would like to make an intelligent guess and then allow them to change it if needed.

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