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Posted in Authenticating Blog Admin Pages Discussion

Can devise also handle authorization? or is it something you have to build yourself

Posted in Adding a New Blog Post Action Discussion

Correct me if i am wrong but the way i understand this is that
When we click on a particular id, a request with that id as its params will be sent to get blog_posts/:id.
Since our action for that particular url is set to show in our , the show method in the controller will handle that.
The show method creates a @blog_post instance attribute that holds the blog with the id that was sent over, then through our view we render that particular blog_post.
Then the user visits the blog_post/new url to create a new url..this then is handled by the new action that overwrites the blog_post that the user was previously reading.....yes?
Or are there two @blog_post instance variables created?

Why is that important? Why cant we create two instance variables that track two different things ie the blog_post last read, and the new one being created?

Posted in Adding a New Blog Post Action Discussion

Hi Chris, i have noticed that the show action has an instance variable called @blog_post. Which is the current blog post being viewed.
Why are we overwriting that variable in the new action?

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also why is it that extending self in a module will enable us to call the methods inside the module in a class that extends the said module. I know it works but WHY does it work?

Posted in Modular Code Organization Discussion

what does self in modules reference? is it the object of the Module?