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Chris, thank you for the quick response. It does make sense and I will give your recommendation a try tonight.

Also, you are correct. I am going to set up the relationship in which the customers can only review the service providers.

Thanks again!

Chris - just joined gorails. This is awesome! I am new to rails (coding in general) and was watching railscasts, but the videos seem outdated. I just want to make sure I fully understand you solution. I have two types of User Models - Customers and Service Providers. I am trying to figure out how to create two separate models with devise. I tried to do a polymorphic association and was able to get it to work in the rails console, but when it came to manipulating the code on the front end with devise, I could not get it to work. An important feature is for Customers to be able to write reviews for the Service Provider. If I go the route of using Devise and the Pundit gem, will I be able to do utilize that feature? If I did the separate model option and used point #1, how would I do the separate URL? Thank you in advance for your help Chris. Any advice is greatly appreciated!