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Hey Chris, this screencast is an oldie but a goodie. I'm trying to implement this ujs action throughout my new rails app and I'm having success except with the Stripe submit payment button. The button gets disabled through the Stripe javascript call that disables it separately instead of a line of ruby with the button code and I'm unsure as how to incorporate Font Awesome. Have you had any experience integrating this animation on stripe buttons. I have a stackoverflow question addressing it:

I'm wondering if I could just eliminate the $('.submit-button').attr("disabled", "disabled"); line

and instead call the disable_with right from the button code.
What do you think?

Thanks for your help!

Got it working. Not 100% clear how. I followed the instructions here: ( and mixed it with the sidekiq.rb initializer from the link you recommended. Curious as to how this will impact performance when I launch the app. That's a question for another day though.

I've actually done both of those things. Lowered concurrency settings in sidekiq.yml and increased redis to go plan to micro and I still run into this issue. Is there any way to see how many clients are attempting to load so I can see what concurrency number I need? This is so ridiculous.

I'm still working to correct this problem. I'm able to get deliver_later working in development by running redis-server in one terminal, and sidekiq -q mailers in another, but I keep running into "ERROR: ERR max number of clients reached" issues on heroku. It's an absolute beast to configure redis on heroku for a beginner like myself. I'm trying redis to go now and I'm still running into problems.

Chris, I'm having an issue with getting this background email to send on Heroku. Posted a SO question about it. Please take look at it if you get a chance. Thanks! Learning a ton from you.

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Chris, thanks for your quick response. Yep. I was using a Stripe event that corresponded to a subscription that no longer existed. I had reset the database since I last created the user I was attempting this with. After creating a new user with a new subscription, the event was successfully saved into the database. Thanks!

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Chris, since I'm running Koudoku the setup is a bit different and I'm running into an issue. I posted a question on SO: Any suggestion you could provide would be hugely helpful!


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Thanks, Chris. I'm still at a quasi-entry level rails developer, so in the meantime I found the koudoku gem, which sets up most of that for me.

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How would I need to modify the SubscriptionsController to allow for multiple Plans (monthly, every 3 months, yearly, etc.). Let's suppose I have a Plans model and table where I store the info about my plans. Your current subscriptions controller hard codes in the plan: "monthly" input. How would that change?