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I’ve been on a few forums for Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and I’ve noticed that everyone is so nice and helpful. I’m a newbie, hobbiest and everyone has been polite and not snarky at all. Thank you all for the help so far, and I apologize in advance for my extremely needy future posts as I continue with my project.


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Hello. I’ve been seeing a few tutorials on twitter clones and I was thinking of trying one. With my idea, instead of following people, I would like it so users can follow hashtags. Is that even possible in Ruby on Rails?

Thanks in advance


Posted in Gem for making user groups

I was wondering if there is a gem for making user groups in my project. Or do I have to learn the hard way how to make user groups.

Btw I’m a hobbiest not wanting to make a living. Just want to make fun web apps. I’m a novice right now