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Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms With Turbo Part 2 Discussion

For some reason, I lost the ability to update after adding the helper at the end. Anyone else?

Unpermitted parameters: :task_12, :task_13. Context: { controller: ProjectsController, action: update, request: #<ActionDispatch::Request:0x000000010f9478b0>, params: {"_method"=>"patch", "authenticity_token"=>"[FILTERED]", "project"=>{"name"=>"something", "tasks_attributes"=>{"task_12"=>{"description"=>"text"}, "task_13"=>{"description"=>"text",}}}, "button"=>"", "controller"=>"projects", "action"=>"update", "id"=>"2"} }

So what would you suggest for columns on an address table?

I asked a question on discord and thought it might be good for it to be here for future reference.

I was wondering of a way to dynamically change which class you are calling. ie:
'<%= "text-#{color} bg-#{color}" %>' << this code is not recommended since tailwind needs the full class name to build.

you can supply a custom color to Tailwind in the config
module.exports = {
colors: {
'primary': 'var(--primary-color)',
same thing as a regular color there

Posted in Rails credentials returning nil

I know it's been a while, but thanks Corinn! I needed to copy my credentials into a temp file, delete the existing credential files, run EDITOR=vi rails credentials:edit --environment production, delete the temp contents, and paste my old data in, per one of your links.

Is this going to be a JSP default feature? It would be nice if GoRails had an easy way to indicate which videos specifically apply to Jumpstart by default or is already part of it if we're wanting to learn JSP specifically. Maybe just have a JSP playlist?

Posted in How to order stimulus reflex morph asc?

My understanding is that it re-runs the controller when it compiles, so if you want the sort order to be different you need to change that in the rails controller itself. I'm guessing the index action is where you're rendering from, so that's where that would happen.

Posted in Webpack trying to serve incorrect files

I am getting something similar to this when I added dropzone js. I haven't found a solution yet. Have you already solved this?

What if you don't specify the content_type? Will it hurt anything?

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