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That makes sense. Just an interesting observation. Great post btw.

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I noticed that the user model had to be reloaded to decrement but not to increment in a spec and the rails console in a version as late as

describe "counter caches" do
it "increments associations when created" do
user = User.create(first_name: "David", last_name: "Moore", email:"david@moore.com")
user.forum_threads.create(name:"First thread")

expect(user.forum_threads_count).to eq 1 #passes

ForumThread.create(name: "Second thread", user: user)

expect(user.forum_threads_count).to eq 2 #passes

#destroy a forum thread and check if form_threads_count is updated

expect(user.forum_threads_count).to eq 1 # fails
expect(user.reload.forum_threads_count).to eq 1 # passes

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Or just use thoughtbot's laptop repot.

https://github.com/thoughtb... (for mac users)

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