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First off all - thx for this (and many other) tutorials. I have been working with Rails for many years and deployment has always been a black box for me. The kind of task... for someone else.

But spoiler alert - my droplet is running smoothly with 3.0.2 und 7.0.0.rc1

In case someone else has problems with passwords when accessing the database (in my case mysql) - check for '$' in your password.

nano /home/deploy/myapp/.rbenv-vars

rails c ENV

It took me a while to get to grips with the concept of production. I just started rails commands too often without the enviroment. But fun-fact: In the new rails 7 the gem 'debug' is used in the group development. And this was 'buggy' in my setup. So this was nice (after i googled the error... inspected the gem... ;)

Happy greetings from Hamburg