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Posted in Rails 7.1 Authentication From Scratch Discussion

That is exactly what I was looking for, Chris.

Now I can understand the auth process on Rails and, probably, avoid more involved solutions like Devise that seems to be great (Jose Valin and Plataformatec team are great references), but may be an overkill for my use case.

I'm new to Rails and I must say that I've found no resource like GoRails (your videos, in particular) for a beginner who needs to understand the Rails way. I will save your time with a long, detailed praise here, but I'm already sold on your subscription. It is just a matter of days. I need to adjust the subscription date with my payments schedule, but I'm sure the investment will payback. I'm in a series marathon here. :)

For now, thank you for sharing these free resources (like that about webhooks you shared with Collins on GitHub). They are instrumental for me at this point when I need to implement a real solution in Rails.

Again, thank you. Long life to GoRails and I wish you success with your other business as well.