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I've been looking for a SSR solution too.

Seems like React on Rails is doing SSR somehow.

Another resource I found is the Official Documentation for SSR in a Non-Node JS environment, however Webpacker runs on Node so, I'm a little bit confused.

As third option, I found InertiaJS: inspired from Turbolinks but with VueJS. Right now, there is no Rails version, only Laravel, but the fonder sustain that it can work on Rails, Django and other frameworks...

The last solution I found is Quence Vue
Where you can add Client Side Hydration but the structure is pretty weird.


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Thank you for these quality episodes. We definitely want to see more episodes like this. It would be nice to see them how they are applied to real-world projects. How to create the folder structure and apply all these principles there.

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I can point you to 2 different open source website builders, they have a starting point but unfortunetly one is made with React and one is made with Backbone Js, and I wanted something in Vue Js.

  1. Grapes Js
  2. Relax Cms (I'm not sure if the team is still working on it or not.)