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Hi there,

I'm trying to do something quite simple, which is:

  • A user uploads a video to a chat (a message can have many attachments)
  • The video uploaded automatically gets transcoded with Elastic Transcoder if it is a video
  • The use on the receiving end receives the message along with the attachments instantly streamed via turbo

So far what I got working:

  • Users can upload attachments and they are instantly streamed via turbo
  • An AWS lambda function that triggers Elastic Transcoder to transcode a video whenever a new file is uploaded into my S3 bucket

What I'm stuck on / Questions I have:

  • How do I retrieve the new transcoded video in the new S3 bucket from rails? (Currently the key is the same with an added prefix of the file type eg: mp4_blobkeyhere
  • How can I prevent the message from being sent until after the transcode job is complete?
  • Is using lambda even best practice here, or should I be calling for this job to be completed from my server?

I would really appreciate if anyone has any input into this situation.


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Thanks for this, saved me some trouble!

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Currently wanting to set up Apple + Omniauth on my website. I'm sure there would be many others in the same boat.

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For anyone in the future who wants to get this to work with turbo, you will have to convert the FormData into a query string, and append that string to a form action (In my case I used the button_to tag). This way the fetch remains within turbo.

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I'm just wondering if strong parameters are still necessary in this scenario?