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Love the GoRails cat in the background

Just posting for those trying to use Bootstrap 5. Your connect function will work after you import Bootstrap and will look like so. Hope this helps:

new bootstrap.Toast(this.element).show();

Another shortcut to the root route is that you can drop the to:
root: "main#index"

Posted in ActionText remove attach file button from Trix editor

I know this is old but you can add an event listener in application.js:

document.addEventListener("trix-file-accept", (e) => {

and then target the UI with CSS in application.scss:

.trix-button-group--file-tools {
  display: none !important;

I am having the same issue. I did find out that in the event, is empty. I am not sure why.

Did you find a solution? I am wondering the same thing.

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Ok Chris I just joined here and this package makes it worth it. A smooth dropdown menu. Great job and thanks.