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Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 5 Discussion

Hi Chris, I am hoping you can help me narrow down my error. I am trying to set up the app on a multi-tenancy app. I had all the models working before we started to use Action Cable, Active Job, and the more complex coffee script. I was able to add messages to the chatroom without any errors. But, now I am getting an error message where the tenant_id is NULL. I have tried to figure out where and how I would add the tenant_id to the code. Where do I add the tenant_id? Do I need to add it to the coffee script or the channel or the job? Or would I need to add it to multiple locations? 

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 4 Discussion

I encountered the same error message. I reviewed the logs and I can see an HTML response, not a JS response. If you follow all the video content from this video and the next video until 2:35 the error message will disappear. I do not know why it happened, but if you just keep going you can get past it.

Posted in A/B Split Testing with the Split gem Discussion

I can get the split dashboard running, but I get an error from the view after adding the split test code for the link. Redis appears to be running fine.

undefined method `ab_test'

Thanks, Chris I will give it a try.
I want to set up a two-sided referral program in rails that would similar to the setup used by Dropbox. How would I get this setup? The referral program would work with Stripe to reward the referring user and the invited user.  My main offer would be to have one month free for each referral. Referrals would be easily shared from the rails app. The referring person can access a referral status page to track progress. Chris has an awesome Stripe course and ideally, this would pick up where the other course left off to add the referral program. I have been searching for existing training or gems but I have been unable to find anything current or similar. If this was offered as a course, I would gladly pay for the course to get this setup. 

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