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I figured this out

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I figured it out.

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I am building a app with comments. I want to implement the feature where you don't show the avatar as long as the previous comment is by the same user. Like how Skype does it.
How can I achieve the same with ruby/rails ?

I am learning rails by building a project. I am using the turbo frames for the form.
I would like to add a loading indicator to the submit button just like the one on this forum when you comment on a thread. Has anyone any idea on how I can achieve that ?

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Thanks Dom.

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Hello @chris and fellow members. I am new to rails and I was seeking help on how to create a url like " where is 5047315 the user account number ?

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This is one is caused by a missing OTP_KEY. You need to set it up.

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Thank you so much!

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Hello good people.
I was watching DHH's video on hotwire and @Chris video on on this site demonstrating hotwire.
Do we still need stimulus js in case we want to implement that on the group chat ?
How would we handle channel authentication?