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Awesome! Looking forward to all of it.

Hey Chris, thank you for this tutorial. I asked about it a few weeks ago and I got to a solution with your feedback but it was not as technically sound when I did it on my own and it didn't work as well tbh. Have you considered doing something with WebRTC for video/voice conferencing or using something like Twilio, Pusher etc, I think that would be a kickass project and could complement this one pretty well. :) Looking forward to all the new screencasts!

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Thank you! I got a working version of it by creating two ChatroomUsers on the Chatroom create function. but when I integrated on my multi-tenant app, everything works except the realtime part of it. I believe it has something to do with the MessageRelayJob part - is says "Performing MessageRelayJob from Async(default)" That should be redis though, right?

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When you say channel do you mean Chatroom or Chatroom_users? Or something else? I'm a newbie to programming so I'm still getting used to the language and how to understand technical explanations :)

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Hi Chris. You're a life saver with these tutorials!

How would you extend this app to be or allow one-to-one chat. I've been thinking of a channel being created for each user-user combination - and only show it to those users. Conceptually it doesn't sound as an elegant solution to me. How would you go about it? or if you could point me in the right direction.

Thank you,

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