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Posted in SQL injection attempts, any advice?

Thanks Chris! No more evidences in Rollbar of the issue again. A security checklist episode could be great!

Posted in SQL injection attempts, any advice?

Thanks Chris, two newbie questions:

  • (...) 'you should include it to the bottom of your controller': within the private methods or out of them?
  • (...) 'just replace all the params[:page] references with this method page' > Can you confirm if what I got here

@hacks = Hack.friendly.tagged_with(params[:tag]).paginate(:page => params[:page], per_page: 5)
should I replace it with this other string?
@hacks = Hack.friendly.tagged_with(params[:tag]).paginate(:page => page, per_page: 5)

Posted in SQL injection attempts, any advice?

Hi there,

In the logs of Rollbar for my app petithacks.com, I have seen in the past 2 days attempts like the ones in the image

I'm using 'will_paginate' gem for pagination of several records in the app, and also a gem to 'like' elements. Also I found this thread in a google groups but no idea how to include the suggested in my code. Within my hacks_controller.rb these are the 2 methods that include paginate:

def index
@hacks = Hack.friendly.order('id desc').paginate(:page => params[:page], per_page: 5)

def tagged
if params[:tag].present?
@hacks = Hack.friendly.tagged_with(params[:tag]).paginate(:page => params[:page], per_page: 5)
@hacks = redirect_to hacks_path

Any help & advice on how to avoid these kind of attempts?

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