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Posted in Free SSL with Rails and Nginx using Let's Encrypt

@excid3:disqus what do you mean by `Add the following lines to your server block for your app and be sure to change example.com to your domain.`

Where do I find the `server block`? Is this the `/etc/nginx/nginx.conf` file `server { }`

Posted in Free SSL with Rails and Nginx using Let's Encrypt

Getting the following error after running `./letsencrypt-auto`

`Failed to install a working "virtualenv" command, exiting`

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Discussion

Fixed this as per this SO page. http://stackoverflow.com/qu...

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Discussion

Also getting an error `There are no Phusion Passenger-served applications running whose paths begin with '/home/deploy/app_name'`. app_name is replaced with the name of my app.

Seems there is another user getting this problem as well.

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Discussion

Almost there but when I run `cap production deploy` I get

00:00 rbenv:validate
rbenv: 2.3.1 is not installed or not found in $HOME/deploy/.rbenv/versions/2.3.1


Is cap checking this on my local machine or the server? I have changed the path to just `$HOME/.rbenv` and still get the same issue.

Posted in Testing your markdown

Oh wow I didn't realize it wasn't official.

I do have the gfm: true on. I might have to dig a little deeper on this one then. Will let you know how I go.

I have had a read of the issues and appears that the html-pipeline gem is not yet compatible with Rails5 so I'll probably have to wait a bit more.

Posted in Testing your markdown

I see your markdown tables aren't being rendered as tables. I have the same problem :( Any idea how we get this fixed?

| Tables | Are | Cool |
| ------------- |:-------------:| -----:|
| col 3 is | right-aligned | $1600 |
| col 2 is | centered | $12 |
| zebra stripes | are neat | $1 |

I am using the html-pipeline gem and followed the guides in your cast.

Hmm this might be an issue with rails -v 5.0.0beta4

I am getting an error:
uninitialized constant HTML::Pipeline::SyntaxHighlightFilter::Pygments.

my Gemfile shows:

# markdown in comments
gem 'html-pipeline', '~> 1.11.0'
gem 'github-linguist', '~> 4.8', '>= 4.8.4'
gem 'github-markdown', '~> 0.6.7'
gem 'gemoji', '~> 2.1.0'
gem 'sanitize', '~> 3.0.3'

and in application_helper.rb I have:

def markdown(content)
  pipeline_context = {gfm: true, asset_root: "https://a248.e.akamai.net/asse..."}
  pipeline = HTML::Pipeline.new [
  ], pipeline_context

If I add

gem 'pygments.rb', '~> 0.6.3' to my Gemfile I can get it going but I thought pygments was a dependency of github-linguist.

Also the html syntax highlighting doesn't even seem to work when it is up and running. Is there a place where I can set the highlighting theme??

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Discussion

@excid3:disqus this was confusing for me as well. MIght need to add another alert box to say when you should jump back to your local machine.

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Discussion

Should there have been a step in this tutorial to install Rails on the server? Say around the area where Bundler is installed? Or did you pick an image that had Rails included?

Posted in Pretty urls with FriendlyID Discussion

A great introduction to friendly ids! Worked perfectly even on Rails5.0.0beta3

I really appreciate being able to watch the process you go through. The hardest part I have found in learning rails is incorporating TDD/BDD and I was happy to see you step through that with each of your features.

Very jealous by the way that you have all this time to learn it all as part of your studies. I'm self taught so have to fit everything in between my day job and social life. CS students must have very high pass rates to be able to work on such rewarding projects :)

Sorry for the questions, not really helping with your problem but just curious about the journey you've been on.

Ken what were you doing before you started learning Rails? This site packs some massive features. You must be dedicating a lot of time to learn so much so quickly :)

I was writing some code last night and saw your post just before I was about to go to bed. Ended up watching your videos for another hour hah.

Posted in Using Vagrant for Rails Development Discussion

I hadn't run the line `vagrant plugin install vagrant-librarian-chef-nochef`. I have done that although now Chef installation takes so long I stopped it. 1hr + so I don't think that classifies for 'This can take a while.`

Posted in Using Vagrant for Rails Development Discussion

I am getting the error "ERROR: You must specify at least one cookbook repo path". Will come back if I figure it out. The only changes I have made to Chris' code is making it Postgres instead of MySQL.

Posted in Who is using Hashicorp Otto?

Cheers James.

I've never used AWS, mainly just digital ocean or Heroku (depending on how much cash I have to spent on a project). So right now I can't even deploy as the credentials screen is a bit ambiguous.

It is asking me to provide a path to my public key file which defaults to .ssh/id_pub.rsa. As I am on a WIndows Machine I guess my VM machine isn't picking up my key or isn't able to correctly pass it over to Otto.

I see there is a pull request though for a digital ocean infra but it is being delayed until a convention is agreed for other infra providers.

Mitchell mentioned on The Changelog episode though the 0.1.3 would be a major dev ready release though so waiting eagerly for that to come.

Are you using AWS for your infra or just pushing to Github and have a CI pick it up?

Posted in Who is using Hashicorp Otto?

I have a question up on StackOverflow as well if anyone is interested in commenting.


The idea I have is that, because I am on a Windows machine, I am limited to using Rails Installer to build an app on Windows. But what if I want to be on a Window machine, spin up a dev environment using Otto with the bare minimum requirements and then rails new from inside that dev environment.

This would then allow me to bypass any potential issues being on Windows.

Posted in Who is using Hashicorp Otto?

Hi All,

I've recently gotten back into my rails development after some Salesforce related projects at my work. In that time I had to format my laptop from Ubuntu to Windows 10.

I've been struggling on my Windows 10 machine because it just isn't as easy as installing gems to a UNIX machine and building a rails app (like everyone else is doing on MAC).

I started to learn Vagrant so I could run things up in a VirtualBox instead running Ubuntu. This was great but I also wanted to get off of Heroku because I just can't afford to spend money on convenience.

Enter Hashicorp Otto. I've been playing around with this for the last week or so and it is looking like a real tool belt replacement.

Is anyone else using it out there? What have you found so far? I have run into a few struggles installing Postgresql correctly on an existing app and also had to delete some of my old Vagrantfiles because they seemed to be getting in the way (ie Otto installing Ruby 1.9.8 or something instead of 2.2 which was specified in my Gemfile).

Anyway thought I would get some of the conversations flowing and also suggest a video on how to get Otto up and running and maybe an example of how easy it is to go from new app, to dev machine building and then deploying to something cheap like Digital Ocean.

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