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I own a web development agency, such a project can amount to 80,000 - 120,000 EUR. Now it depends on the amount of detail and care you put in it, there's a shit ton of regulation on the payment side and depends on which providers you use. The devil (and money) is in details.

We typically do not start or quote a project without a solid and proper functional analysis, we just ballpark and charge clients for us to get the final price and quotation that comes in with a solid project specification and design.

Posted in What SEO tools do you use as a developer?

I use Moz, Google keyword planner, Google Analytics.

Posted in What is the cost of iOS app development?

Cross platform (iOS/Android)? Need push notifications? Obviously you need login so you’ll need the backend setup too. Payment processing. What other functionality? What do users need to do? Depends so much on what the app does. I’d say you are looking at 5k-10k minimum (but very likely more). You have to give details.

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