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Hi Chris, thanks. I don't understand why, yesterday I successfully installed Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, POstgreSQL and everything from the guide, but today, my terminal says that I have nothing installed (I haven't touched anything at all since). I don't even know exactly where the new app was created (but I wanted to create a new one in the blog folder on my sites folder.
I don't understand what's going on :(

Hi Collin, thanks!
I was wondering which one would be best to use in case of real app:

  1. Letting the DB doing the calculations
  2. Doing the calculations server side with Ruby.

Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks 😃

Posted in Conditionals in Ruby Discussion

Hey Collin, thanks!
I remember to have seen a one line if statement that evaluates only one thing, for instance if this is not true do this, without providing else. Is that possible or I am mixing languages up?