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Chris, was able to get emails sent to already-existing users this way below from the ProjectUser model

def set_user_id
existing_user = User.find_by(email: email)
self.user = if existing_user.present?
              User.invite!(email: email)
if existing_user.present?


About your post here about creating a separate controller, is there a better way to deal with existing users and identify project params? I don't think you can do so from the model here above so assuming that's why you said do it from controller. But issue I have or misunderstanding is how to invite both nonexisting users (new users) and already existing users from the same form input so you wouldn't have to set up two different ones - one for new devise invitable users and a separate one for already-existing users. Seems unnecessary or confusing to users. Tried to overried the devise controller but kind of confusing here and doesn't act as expected from the devise action that is there to invite already existing users. Tried to add it from their documentation but only messes up other things here I'm guessing because of the model setup and inheritance issues. Any quick solution so can send send projectuser or project params to the already-existing user in the email? Thanks a lot.

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Chris if you wanted to change button text based on whether someone has been invited to a group (saying already invited for instance) would you go the route of just doing it through js entirely like in the button ainimations or would you do css selectors based on database values that proved invitation? I guess it must br a combination of both? Just seems more complex in this case of invitations going out because it isn't a simple boolean or some other db object that id being referenced by css with id selectors but instead there's an actual invitation outstanding to a particular person . Is this too much database referencing to efficiently and quickly render say an index page of people who have the correct invite or invited buttons? Just wondering how to go about this useful button feature without slowing or messing up an index page. Your insights are always valuable - thank you

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Thanks Chris. Makes it less complicated than having a separate user has_many projects table if that's even possible given the already-existing join table. I will check out the pundit gem also through Cancancan seems to be working fine so far for me. For the devise invitable links that are sent out in the email notifications here, they all seem to go to root page or sign in page but maybe I'll check out the documentation to see if there's a way to get the url pointing to the project itself after signing in but if you have any advice on that would appreciate it. Your great series saves a lot of time and really appreciate your insights.

Posted in Inviting Users with devise_invitable Discussion

Chris thanks for this great series. If you wanted to allow some projects to be publicly viewable (i.e. not just for invited people who get invited through devise invitable), is there an easy way to toggle this with a 'public/private' option. Just having trouble figuring out how to model in the database. Can create new projects - that's great - but it seems that all new projects must be associated with invited project users. How to have the option to have some publicly available so that not just project users can view them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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