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Posted in What is the best way to learn React JS?

React is the most popular javascript library for building user interfaces. It is fast, flexible and it also has a strong community sitting online to help you every time. The coolest thing about React is it’s based on components, you break down your complex code into individual pieces i.e components and that helps developers in organizing their code in a better way. A lot of companies are moving to React and that’s the reason most of the beginners and experienced developers also expanding their knowledge learning this library.
Learning this library is a daunting task. You watch a lot of tutorials and you try to get the best material to learn this library but it can become overwhelming if you don’t know the right path or step-by-step process to learn it. We are going to discuss a roadmap to get started with React and the fundamental prerequisites (checklist) to jump into React. Let’s get started.
Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Some ES6 features of Javascript like
Let and Const
Arrow Functions
Class and ‘this’ keyword
Fundamentals of NodeJS & Code Editors

  1. HTML, CSS, JavaScript If you are an experienced developer then skip this section, for beginners here is a quick introduction..

Every front-end developer starts their journey with these three things. These are the basic foundation of foundations of frontend web development and they all work together to create a fully functional web app/website.
Consider a Human body as a website or web app.
HTML can be considered as the structure or “Skeleton”, of the body which tells what has to come where.
CSS defines the style which is the “Skin, Flesh”, tells how a particular segment should look like what should be its Color, Height, Width, etc.,
JavaScript defines the functionality which is the part of the “Brain” which tells each of the parts to do what.

  1. ES6 features of Javascript ES6 is the version of JavaScript and there are a lot of features of ES6. To get started with React you need to know about Arrow Functions, Let and Const, Class, and ‘this’ keyword.

Arrow Function: Arrow function allows you to write the shorter syntax for function. It makes your code clean and more readable. Check the code snippet below…

Let and Const: You will be using ‘let’ and ‘const’ instead of ‘var’ keyword. Both are different than var, in simple words…

Let defines a local variable limiting their scope to the block in which they are declared.
Const defines a constant variable whose values cannot be changed.
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Webpack: Webpack is a module bundler in Javascript that helps you to maintain dependencies as static files for your project so developers don’t have to do it. Webpack also comes with loaders. Loaders help run specific tasks around your project. Watch the video Webpack Tutorial and read about this on Webpack official docs.

Server Rendering: Learning this concept will help you to create components in the server and render that as HTML in your browser and when all the JavaScript modules are downloaded in the browser, React takes the stage. It’s one of the coolest features to React and it can be used with any of the back-end technologies. Understand this concept from the link React server rendering by Tyler McGinnis.

Hope this will help everyone.