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Adding the requirements here:

URL Shortener


  • [ ] Submit a url in a form on the homepage
  • [ ] Url is saved to the database
  • [ ] The URL can be viewed by accessing a Base62 encoded primary key ID (short code) of the URL at /v/:id
  • [ ] A user should be able to copy the short URL to the clipboard
  • [ ] When visiting the short code, a view is recorded so we can keep track of how many views per day a link gets
  • [ ] A total number of views should be saved to the URL record
  • [ ] A user should be able to view a graph of the views over the past 2 weeks
  • [ ] A user should be able to edit and delete the URL
  • [ ] We should also retrieve the title, description, and opengraph image for the HTML document
    • [ ] This should run in the background to keep the application fast
    • [ ] If a URL is edited, we should update the title, description, and image for it
  • [ ] We should paginate this list of shortened URLs

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This was great. I like the progressive enhancement(?) approach. Thank you.