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I am doing an advanced Ruby on Rails Course and even I have completed many lessons in it. Now I am creating my first web application but facing a problem in setting up the web server.

This is the syntax I am using-

$ bin/rails server

Can anyone suggest me easy way to set up the server?


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I have to configured appdynamic with ruby on rails, I have added gem "gem ‘appdynamics’ " in gemfile, also created appdynamics.yml file with following details:

app_name: “My app name” tier_name: “ROR” node_name: “test” controller: host: “test” port: “test” account: “test” access_key: “some key”

Also please do let me know how will I get app_name, tier_name, node_name, controller, host, port, account, access_key.

I am getting this error:

WARN – AppDynamics: Unable to start Instrumenter due to a configuration error: app name required
AppDynamics: [AppDynamics] [1.1.2] Running AppDynamics in development mode. No data will be reported until you deploy your app.