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Posted in JavaScript not working for Bootstrap 5 on Rails 7

I'm merely attempting to learn Rails and Ruby. Although I don't know Javascript either, I want to start learning. Please give me some advice on how to fix this.

Posted in Dropzone with Shrine

How could you use ajax to submit exactly what would have been entered into the file field?

Posted in Use select_tag to link to customer show page

You want to display a record in your index.html.erb depending on the drop-down option you choose. So, a method I've employed in the past is to have a table of all the users (without a drop-down menu) and a card on the side of the page that is fixed. When I click on a row in the table, the content of the card is updated. To obtain the value that was chosen from the dropdown, obtain the details of that data, and then display it, you would need to code js. boss

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