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It won't let me add Redis to Heroku because I need to add a card to the app. That would be good to know beforehand. Unfortunately, I won't use my card for this so I think I will not be able to fully make use of my app.

after installation run with: redis-server

To install Redis

sudo apt-get install redis-server

Is what I had to use to install in linux

My form does not submit...
I added <%= form_with model: @tweet, data: { turbo: false }, local: true do |form| %>
which solved the issue but it seems like it treats the link_to link as the submit button for the form so it closes the form leaving the rest of the fields out. Therefore on submit, it will not submit. I removed this link and it works. Any Idea why would it be treating it as the end of the form?

I also had to change the link_to to button_to for it to work, since omniath 2.0, other wise it says the path auth/tweet does not exists, changing this button to link_to solves my form issue but now the link is useless, any Idea on how can I fix this?

Had the same issue of the xref not populating on the table, Requested Elevated access on the app and it works. Looks like the problem is that on Twitter API version 2.0 unless you have elevated access you cannot retrieve data from the API. Wich means that rails would try to update a table with nil values.

nevermind just found a way of fixing this without messing with CORDS. Try this as the button

<%= button_to "Connect Twitter", "/auth/twitter", method: :post, :data => {turbo: "false"}, class: "btn btn-primary"%>

hopefully this works for everyone.

I had the same issue, I figurate the problem is with the app CORS, unfortunately, I tried a couple of different things and none worked for me. If you inspect your page and go to the console you should get the error with the authentication link. if you click on this it will then proceed to complete the request that's all I have been able to accomplish so far. Hopefully, this helps so someone can find the solution around CORS.