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The tutorial was well written though I had some issues along the way and some comments. Main comment is the tutorial should mention somewhere about setting up ufw firewall, or at least linking to Digital Ocean's tutorial on how to do it. My second issue is the method of placing the NGINX server directives in the sites-enabled directory makes it a hassle when trying to follow Digital Ocean's Certbot tutorial. The server directives should be placed in sites-available then symlinked to sites-enabled. Doing it by this method lets you simply install the Certbot app and have it manage your SSL for you as explained in DO's tutorial. The GoRails tutorial on how to install Lets Encrypt is outdated and parts of the suggestions fail so if someone follows this tutorial, they will experience issues either way when trying to add a custom domain and securing it. Another issue is the point about how to not use environment variables should also be edited. secrets.yml doesn't even ship with new rails apps and if you choose to symlink the files, there are some other edits you need to make rather than just uncommenting that line. Ideally the tutorial could account for those edits and reference the correct files to symlink. Last comment, but as far as I saw there was nowhere mentioning configuring your GitHub SSH keys on the new server so Capistrano can read from your repository. The two methods available for this are either adding a new SSH key to your server and placing it on GitHub or using Capistrano's SSH-forwarding agent. A mention of this would be really helpful in the tutorial. Other than the above issues, the tutorial was great and really appreciated.

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