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Posted in How do I upload files with ActiveStorage and Vue.js?

I think it should be FormData() and not FormData. By just using FormData...it will return you the function.

You need to go through this documentation.
Direct Uploads in Rails

The thing which is missing from the code is that you are just sending the title and description to your PATCH method in the cards controller. You are not sending any file related things like the signed ID for the blob of the file which you uploaded to the cloud server. Hence the database is not showing any uploads related information.

You should look at this discussion which might be helpful in understanding how direct upload works

Posted in Install a custom loader with webpacker gem

I am trying to use a Vue.js based material design framework called Vuetify with Rails 5 and the webpacker gem. The styles for this framework are created with the Stylus framework. I followed the instructions on the webpacker github page as to how to install a custom loader but was unable to make it work. Has anyone tried using loaders before and can help me with this?

Here is the stackoverflow question which has more details about the problem which I am facing:-

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